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Discover the seven key concepts to help women reclaim their sense of value and confidence, while maintaining their Feminine Core

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 Discover the Joy of

Living in The Feminine Way

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She Will Rise Like The Sun

A woman, like the sun, will rise up naturally, when the heavy weight of guilt, shame, fatigue, and negative beliefs about herself, the past, and her circumstances are released, and she is free to truly know, own, and be herself. 

We teach women to

Reawaken her Divine Identity- Soul Self

Gaining awareness of the Truth of her story and being compassionate in her relationships with herself, Source, and others.


Reclaim her Intuitive Gifts- Sovereign Self

Claiming the power and value of the Feminine and Intutive Gifts she holds and her ability to leverage them for success.

Reignite her Creative Spark- Signature Self

Reviving and giving birth to those beautiful creations that are deep in her heart and can only be brought forth in her own Divine Feminine way that is uniquely hers.

This is done through experiential coaching, supportive connections, and an engaging community, that help women integrate their body, mind, and spirit and discover the joy and power of the Feminine.

Vision of She Rise
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Heidi DeGraffenried is the founder and director of the She Rise Center. 
She is an Women's Health and Development Expert with over 25 years experience.

She has worked with hundreds of people,

using her core coaching techniques,

 to help them heal, regain joy and power, and make an impact in their world.

Heidi has presented at many classes, retreats, and workshops, and done extensive one-on-one sessions.

If you're interested in having Heidi speak at your event, reach out through email at-

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                  THE TRUTH IS ALWAYS KINDER

                               THAN YOU THINK

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151 E Main Santaquin, UT 84655


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Michele T

My Experience with Heidi  was inexplicably amazing! I felt completely relaxed in every way. I was reminded of and felt the  pure love God has for me and for all of us. It was just what I needed, and one of the best experiences I've ever had

Robi M.

If I had to decribe my experience in one word, it would be Transformational As someone who suffers from anxiety, OCD,  and PTSD, I have appreciated Heidi's knowledge, understanding, and compassion. Heidi has helped me come back to who I am and who I want to be. 

Sheri N.

When I worked with Heidi I found her to be safe, kind, and deeply intuitive. I also saw this fierce, authentic power, that was refreshing. Heidi is an awesome force- she will help you open your mind and your world! Heidi is the real deal. If you want to optimize progression, heal, get stronger, and find your awesomeness check her out! 

Tresa H.

Heidi has the gift of seeing what the heart, body and mind need in order to heal. She combines her extensive training , knowledge, and intuitive wisdom to address women's issues in the best way. Several times I have come to Heidi with heavy physical, mental, and emotional burdens and every time I am surprised at the almost immediate and miraculous lift I experience before I leave. I always feel I am in a safe place that I can trust when I'm with Heidi.